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So, I'm Bored

So, I'm really bored.

I start school tomorrow after two months of freedom, sleep-ins, spending all night on the internet and all day in my pjs, and this has put me in such a dejected mood nothing on the internet can entice my interest for very long. :(

It's not that I hate school; I actually enjoy it (mostly). I like learning, I like seeing my friends, and I don't mind (or sometimes even like) my teachers, however the aspect of homework is one the lowers school severly on my list of things I enjoy. I hate homework for the simple fact that (in all my previous experience) it is almost always pointless (almost because I consider finishing of assignments/projects at home alright). Homework encroaches on my freetime, which I hoard and have a hard time giving up. But I suppose it's just something everyone has to suck up and deal with. My complaints won't change the whole system.

I also have the urge to write, but any thoughts on continuing on writing the current chapter of my original story and the urge flees like a mouse from a cat. :/ I miss the days of old, where I spent most classes writing my first story. Now that I'm entering the years of serious schooling (apparently), having come from a year that produced a measly five or six chapters, I do not feel the future of my second story holds much hope.

However, I seem to be writing alright here, so I hope that doing this entices my muse to stick around so that I could at least finish my current chapter...... I can dream right?

This will likely be a one-off post. I'm addicted to reading on LiveJournal, but I don't believe I am interesting enough to write on it. But who knows, it may be one of my new interests in the year of 2012. :)

Starting Over

OK, so I had another account, but I didn't like the username anymore, however changing it is extremely difficult. So, because I had only posted two, quite pointless entries, I decided to just start over. :)

So hello! I'm now known as BonjourVie, but my real name is Elizabeth. I do love writing, but it's unlikely that I'll ever post any up here, I'm way to slow with updating any off it.

I'm really only here to read the amazing stories written by the crazily talented writers on this site. :)




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